Стиль luxury для ванной — высшая степень роскоши в 20 фото


В любом интерьере можно добиться идеала. И тогда он превращается в стиль luxury — богатый, элегантный и по-настоящему роскошный. Сегодня мы сделали подборку таких интерьеров для ванной — согласитесь, здесь есть на что посмотреть!

Irresistibly smooth and balanced. Fixtures centered on the wall of the tub can accommodate an occupant lounging in either direction.

An ovoid tub is the crown jewel of any minimalistic bathroom. This design features a subtle faucet and overflow so the comforting shape can take center stage.

It's easy to fall in love with this bathroom. This round tub features a slightly curled rim and a defined bottom edge. The smallest details make all the difference in a space characterized by its simplicity.

Perfect symmetry, illuminated by a whimsical hanging light arrangement that drenches the occupant with a soft glow.

The smooth satin finish makes this black freestanding bathtub a delight to behold. The slightly recessed tile underneath is an especially inspiring touch.

A delicate balancing act with intriguing proportions.

This glossy bathtub is the perfect piece to complete a bathroom graced with an abundance of natural light, but its minimalistic form could work well in almost any space.

A distinctive recessed setting allows the fine edges of this design to stand out from its beautiful alcove, rather than being hidden by it.

This minimalistic design has straight lines along the edges capped by gentle semi-circles that cradle the body - a sharp look with a soft touch.

Here's a contemporary take on the classic slipper style. This unique design forgoes the traditional claw foot in favor of straight lines and contrasting angles.

Sharp on the outside, soft and curvaceous inside - a fantastic paradox of geometry with unforgettable appeal.

This design makes the most of dramatic contrast - very elegant. The marble platform looks luxurious and serves as a functional way to protect a wood floor from the water.

Dark and sumptuous, this smoky vessel shines with the same radiance as if it were carved from a smooth onyx stone.

A delightful bath with a unique profile that proves eye-catching from any angle. The pleasing shape provides extra back support while remaining easy to enter or exit.

Pristine and refined - a minimalist bath this sleek can make you feel fresher just by looking at it.

Slightly tilted edges give this tub a playful personality while providing extra support for the back.

This spacious design is part of Jean-Marie Massaud's Axor Collection. The rounded triangular shape looks comfortable and invokes a natural sense of tranquility.

The balance of visual weight makes this egg-shaped tub especially exciting to view.

Organic, classic, and slightly rustic - the rich marbling and warm colors of the travertine stone invites relaxation. Travertine is especially well-suited for bathrooms because it's formed over time from the mineral deposits left behind by hot springs.

Источник: home-designing


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