Текстура в интерьере: 20+ неординарных дизайнерских приемов для гостиной


Текстура играет в дизайне особую роль: она делает интерьер глубже и насыщеннее, добавляет контраста и эффектности. Мы подобрали для вас более 20 фотографий, на которых именно текстура придает гостиной особый и неповторимый шарм и элегантность.

This classic stone wall treatment provides an interesting contrast to the modern furnishings and helps to soften the effect of the minimalistic entertainment cabinet.

These textural wall tiles embrace the irregular: some are dappled, some are streaked, some are wide, others are thin. The result is a warm and welcoming backdrop that echoes the geometry of the modern furniture, yet could easily be adapted to accommodate any decor.

Bright white marble tiles make this monochromatic living room look luxurious, sharp, and clean.

Smooth integrated storage and subtle black wallpaper serve as a frame for the main attraction: a breathtaking slab of Calacatta marble. The rich veining adds a dynamic sense of energy and motion to this intimate living room.

A brilliant arrangement of tiles adds color and variety. This fabulous accent wall accomplishes its purpose by drawing the eye and uniting the subtle patterns and textures used throughout the space.

This contemporary living room demonstrates how large textures can give small spaces huge personality. The bold patterns avoid looking too heavy thanks to the simple colors and the clever addition of indirect cove lights.

Staggered wooden blocks create a playful landscape with plenty of space for storage. The matching coffee table is an absolute treat.

Dramatic! The fractured wooden panels are oh-so-slightly tilted to catch the light at different angles to recreate the effect of shattered glass. It's part accent wall and part art installation, and fully impossible to miss.

These pewter-colored tiles have a slightly cloudy texture that contrasts well with the simple white and gray shelves, and their simple arrangement continues the emphasis on horizontal lines and rectangular forms present throughout the open space.

This gorgeous accent wall is a mosaic of highly textural tiles in shades of charcoal, brown, and gray. The tiles are set at varying depths for an even more dynamic effect - a very creative touch that makes the tiles look soft as wool.

A modern and minimalistic take on the Art Deco style. The variegated 3D tiles are incredible - perfect for such an intimate, moody atmosphere.

Another elegant living room brought to life with unique wall textures. Warm integrated lighting emphasizes the unique landscape created by the panels.

Natural and beautiful. This open living room captures the eye with elongated wooden boards and rough stacked stone cladding. The kitchen and living room share a continuous but differentiated design, with the stone appearing as a backsplash and the wood continuing to the ceiling.Wood panels and unfinished concrete make a lovely pairing. The brass and steel circle adds a touch of Art Deco elegance and bold industrial influence.

These hexagonal 3D wall panels look fabulous in grayscale. Rich wood tones add warmth and contrast to the monochromatic theme, and each panel provides a stunning canvas for artwork and decoration.

This wall treatment makes great use of vertical alignment and color variation to create a rustic pinstripe effect, providing visual interest in the absence of any tall furniture or wall hangings. Dramatic lighting and subdued neutral colors give this unique living room a mysterious yet relaxing atmosphere.

This beautiful living space goes against the grain, using both vertically and horizontally aligned wood panels to create a subtle focal point that draws the eyes toward the artwork. A line of all-vertical wood panels subtly separates the lounging area from the rest of the room.

Expansive white walls and dramatic black curtains have minimalistic appeal, punctuated by a unique staircase clad with tessellated panels. Integrated lighting makes this artful installation look like it glows from within.

Modular storage units in green and white add fresh modern appeal to this industrial brick and concrete living space. The books are arranged without binding showing - a favorite staging technique for minimalistic spaces.

Very creative! Reclaimed wood tabletops are given a second life as a unique wall treatment. The round theme perfectly complements the organic curvature of the vaulted ceiling.

Smooth vertical lines, poppy pinstripes, and cool cubic wall panels - three unique styles together in one eclectic space.

Soft cream-colored slats, varied pinstripes, and elegant marble form an ethereal combination. Each selection is perfect for a modern or classical living room.

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